Instagram purge — sudden followers drop

Instagram began a mass purge of ghost accounts around September 27th, 2018. Like the “Instagram Rapture” of 2014, their aim was to deactivate fake accounts but some real accounts were caught in the mix.

Once the accounts are purged, they’re no longer on Instagram, and that affects your follower and following numbers. If you’ve ever bought fake followers before, you may have noticed a sudden drop of hundreds or even thousands of your followers. Your following count may also have dropped.

Services for purchasing followers often promise real accounts. When you see your followers grow by hundreds or thousands overnight, that’s a telltale sign you’ve only gained ghost accounts. They usually have few or no posts, very little activity, and they don’t provide you with real engagement because there are no humans behind them.

With Gold Nitro we strive to provide organic follower growth by doing auto likes and auto follows with other real people.