5 Tips to Help You Get Started in Creating Shopping on Instagram Posts

Imagine this — you are scrolling down your Instagram feed and see a post from “Harry’s Cool Shades” a local sunglasses store at the mall. They shared a photo of a pair of sunglasses you have been eyeing for a few months now and announced they are having a 50% off promotion online.

A few years ago, you would have had to:

  1. Visit their Instagram page
  2. Click on their bio link
  3. Search through their website endlessly until you found the pair of sunglasses you wanted

If you were lucky, the company would have a nice, vivid banner on their homepage leading you straight to the promotion or product. From past experience, you probably recall that finding an exact product landing page with ease was not always the case. These hidden deals would usually force a user to mine through a site — or worse — have to contact the company directly.

Regardless of the deal or product, this long process usually sways visitors to abandon their search or change their minds about a purchase.

Luckily for businesses, this process was revolutionized in 2017 with the introduction of Shopping on Instagram. This simplified process lets businesses add clickable tags to their posts and stories which takes users directly to product landing pages with a simple tap, granting users immediate gratification.  

The good news? Shopping on Instagram works. This new and improved experience leads more than 90 million users to click on shopping posts to learn more about products shown to them each month. As a business, this feature is a gamechanger. Shopping on Instagram is available in 40+ countries, allowing users to search for fashion accessories, apparel, and many more desirable items.

It’s safe to say, there is a wide array of opportunities for businesses to benefit from this growing marketplace. As life-changing as this feature sounds…there is a catch. Solely posting your items on Instagram will not generate sales. It is crucial that businesses make their Shopping on Instagram posts relatable, engaging, and desirable, to catch the attention of users and increase product sales.

Take Full Advantage of the Shopping on Instagram Feature by Following these Tips



1. Don’t Limit Your Tags to Only One Product


Chances are not everyone will be interested in the product you feature on your Shopping on Instagram post. Beat these odds by adding and tagging a second, or even third, product to your post. This will help you capture the attention of a wider audience in a single Instagram post.

For example, let’s say you are the owner of “Harry’s Cool Shades” and want to showcase your latest arrivals. You post a photo of two sunglasses, one pair for adults and one for children. Some users scrolling down the feed might not be in the lookout for sunglasses for themselves, but they might be for their children (mostly if summer is approaching)…vice versa.

Additionally, you can customize landing pages to feature all items mentioned in your post, which can help increase users buying multiple items — mostly if they are part of a set.


2. Your Hashtags Matter


Hashtags are a great way to get your product in front of the right people outside of your current follower community. To use hashtags optimally on your Shopping on Instagram posts, you must make sure they are relevant to all Instagram users finding you via the explore page. It is important to make sure your hashtags are product-specific.

For example, if you are posting about a summer dress, you can use hashtags like #straplessdress, #maxidress, or #sundress and avoid using unrelated hashtags like #bags, #pants, and #shoes.

Don’t forget to include hashtags for all of the products featured on your post! If your brand has a decent following, throw in some brand-related hashtags to leverage your current following.  



3. Stay True to the Look and Feel of Your Brand


What attracted your followers to your content? Was it your quirky captions, your breathtaking photography, or your cool-looking filters? When posting Shopping on Instagram posts, it’s important to not lose sight of your brand and quality. Just like any human, your followers can sense when you are blatantly “advertising” to them instead of providing them with your usual, unique content.

If you followers start seeing a diminishing value in your posts, they may choose to unfollow your account. Avoid unfollowings by applying the same “look and feel” to your Shopping on Instagram posts and by making sure they blend in with the rest of your feed.

For example, let’s say you run a popular pet store and your posts usually involve cute pets. Instead of posting a 50% off dog beds flyer, try posting a photo of a dog using a dog bed with tags that lead users to that product landing page.

This will make your followers feel like they are receiving organic, quality content, while increasing exposure to your product.   


4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Stories


Instagram stories can be a powerful tool to showcase your products in everyday action and lead users to your product landing pages. Luckily for businesses, Instagram allows you to include shopping tags on stories. Getting creative on Instagram stories is key to fully benefiting from this useful feature.

For example, share fun videos of your product being used and avoid posting constant static photos. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your followers when creating Instagram stories and ask yourself, “What will keep my followers from skipping my story vs. clicking on the shopping tag?

It’s important to remember that you need to produce content that will capture the attention of a user instantly so keep your content short and to the point.


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It is important to review the Targeting Reports to see which targeted accounts are bringing you the most new followers and compare these to your hashtag targeting (note: account targeting usually gets you 3x-10x more followers than hashtag targeting). By growing your fanbase via Gold Nitro, you can place a higher focus on the quality of your instagram posts and your business in general.

Summing It Up

In the end, the point of adding Shopping on Instagram tags on your posts are to generate sales. Make sure to observe your performance on each post by clicking on “view insights” and determining how your followers engage with each post. You can even take it one step further and identify patterns, like optimal times to post during the day, best colors and layouts, etc.  

By know you probably know that posting consistent, quality content is half the battle. The other (sometimes harder) half of the battle is getting users to see your content by racking up impressions. Businesses spend countless hours engaging by “liking” photos on their feed or doing the “follow-unfollow” method to try to gain a steady stream of new followers. This can be timely if you are doing this type of engagement in-house and expensive is you hire an agency or independent contractor to do it for you.

Since growing your fanbase is necessary for the success of an Instagram profile (and more exposure to your products), Gold Nitro helps companies automate these important engagement activities. By using Gold Nitro’s automated targeting services, you can grow your Instagram fanbase and views to your profile, which can lead to new customers for your business. Get started today and see immediate Instagram engagement and growth by visiting Gold Nitro.