Instagram notification of inauthentic likes and follows

Recently Instagram sent out a notification that they’ve detected inauthentic likes and follows you should change your password and linked to their help center.

This notification is safe to ignore. It went out to anyone with a high volume of activity on their account. This cast a wide net and others not using Gold Nitro were affected.

Since the engagement and followers you gain through Gold Nitro are real, organic followers, those won’t be removed.

There’s also no need to change the password as long as it hasn’t been shared with any other 3rd party. We continue to stay under Instagram’s rate limits and our team is working to further improve service.

Update: thank you all for the follow up questions! You can read more in our post Bots on Instagram: The Never-Ending Game of Whack-a-Mole. If you’re new to social media automation and Instagram bots, head over to to learn more and start a free trial.

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