Good news! Creators can now sell directly on Instagram

We have some good news for creators, influencers, and companies — Instagram recently unveiled that they will now let individuals tag products for purchase directly in their posts. What does this wonderful news mean? Instead of a creator or influencer having to answer the endless “where did you get that” questions, they can now simply tag the product in a post, which will be linked to a company’s Instagram checkout (currently in beta).


Let’s recap and discuss the new Instagram shopping and beta checkout experience:

Awhile back, Instagram introduced shopping for Instagram, which allows brands to add clickable tags in their Instagram posts. These tags lead shoppers directly to a product landing page and eliminates long and confusing website funnels.

More recently, Instagram released a beta version of the new checkout system, giving users a quick and secure way to buy products they discover on Instagram. This makes it even easier for users, enabling them to purchase products quickly without having to navigate through an external landing page, enter payment information, or create an account. Users can now purchase items through Instagram without worrying about having to log in or enter payment information multiple times.


Now, let’s fast forward to creators being able to sell items directly on Instagram:

You might be thinking: why is this such a *big* deal? The thing is — letting individuals sell items directly on Instagram is a game-changer for both creators and brands. As a creator, it eliminates the hassle of having to specify in your copy where you bought an item. In addition, creators gain access to more insights, such as engagements and shopping analytics. If anyone is trying to live the *influencer* lifestyle, they can leverage those analytics to land better deals with brands. Instagram has started testing this feature with popular influencers, including Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

From a brand standpoint, it allows influencers and creators to tag their products, leading the influencer’s followers directly to a brand’s Instagram checkout. This not only leverages brand awareness, but also increases customer conversions since it eliminates complicated website funnels. Brands can think of this as the new era of influencer marketing. Although influencers currently do not take a piece of the sales pie home, Instagram hinted commissions as a possibility in the near future.


Through these transactional modifications, Instagram continues to make it easier for brands and users to connect. Whether you are a brand or influencer, you should leverage all the tools the Instagram platform provides for your business.

The catch to all these Instagram innovations? You will not be able to take full advantage of these tools if you do not have a solid following or high engagement levels. As a brand or influencer, you have a lot on your plate and simply do not have time for the never-ending engagement game. On the other hand, you are probably aware that this tried-and-true method works, which is why millions of Instagram users partake in it every day. Save your time and keep your engagement levels up by signing up for a 14-day free trial of Gold Nitro, a safe and effective Instagram automation platform.