How Instagram Deals with Automation

We wanted to share an update on how the Gold Nitro team has been working through Instagram’s recent changes against automation.

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Late last year, Facebook published a research paper on Instagram automation services. They explained why these services work, how people use them, and most importantly – their strategy against automation services. This paper is particularly interesting because it sheds light on Instagram’s philosophy with automation and the techniques they use to differentiate automation with real activity.

While we won’t bore you with the technical details, there are a few key insights that are important to both you and us.

Instagram prioritizes account safety

While Instagram is in a position to identify automation accounts, blocking these accounts is not a desirable outcome since Instagram users still use them to initiate legitimate actions that should not be blocked.

The reality is that most influencers at some point or another have relied on automation to get a foothold on Instagram. Instagram understands that people use automation services to help improve their account and that they should not have their accounts disabled because of it. This quote reinforces our belief that Gold Nitro is safe and always have been. We believe Instagram is doing the right thing here.

There are daily limits for account activity

We define a per-account daily activity threshold and only actions above that threshold are candidates for a countermeasure.

Our experience in operating Gold Nitro over the past 2 years supports this idea of a ‘daily account limit’. In the past, we’ve reacted well to Instagram’s action blocks and safely scale back activity. Their paper shows us that they continue to use this threshold to detect accounts that use automation. It’s very likely that this daily activity threshold became much lower and is a contributing factor to account blocks.

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Where account activity comes from is important

In particular, we start by focusing on actions from the small number of IPs that the automation originates from.

When you use Instagram on your phone or a computer, your activity comes from a mobile network or your home internet. One of the advantages of using Gold Nitro is that we’re able to automate your activity using a variety of different networks. Under the hood, we’re constantly moving in good networks and moving out bad ones. This past update has reduced the effectiveness of many of these networks.

So, what’s next?

Ever since Instagram’s update, our team has been working everyday to both understand Instagram’s mitigation strategy and to help answer your many support questions. The Gold Nitro team has a lot of projects in progress that we have a lot of confidence in.

We love you as much as you love Gold Nitro & we are working very hard to restore service. Your patience & confidence is much appreciated.

Please contact support if you have any further questions.

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