Fixing Follow Blocks (Action Blocked)

Earlier this month, Instagram rolled out aggressive changes that greatly limited the actions of many accounts. Many customers have reported that their follows are blocked, even in the Instagram app. This means that when you try to follow someone, you see an “Action Blocked” message like the one shown below:


Follow blocks like this can get really frustrating when you’re trying to connect with someone who is important to both your brand and business. Our research has shown that some accounts stay in these states for many days, especially if they have done a high volume of follows in the past. This is an account state that we believe will expire over a long enough duration.

Instagram is still rolling out different experiments, so different people will different results. However, if your account is in this state, we recommend the following.

  1. Pause any automation, including Gold Nitro. It’s important to let your account rest for between 5-8 days. During this time, you may still be blocked from following other accounts. Some people have reported success very large accounts like @Instagram. In our experience, this tends to work with accounts that have 100M+ followers.
  2. After a rest period has ended, attempt doing follows through your Instagram app. Try a few real follows and tap the “Tell us” button to report the problem to Instagram.
  3. If you’re still blocked, continue to rest your account and try again after another period of 4-7 days. Research shows that there are new longer term activity limits in place. We’re closely monitoring when accounts will recover and will have a more concrete limit soon.
  4. Once your account is able to do follows again, we suggest switching to the “Slow” speed on your dashboard. This ensures that we’ll choose more conservative settings when following on your behalf.

As always, we apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to help roll out changes to these Instagram changes. If you have any questions, please contact customer support.

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