New Instagram Follows Limits

Around May 30th, Instagram made changes that impacted all automation services, including Gold Nitro. Our team has been digging deep into the data and we have some insights and changes to share.

We’ve found that it now takes on average 10 days to become unblocked, follow blocks are far more common than like blocks, but likes continue to be less effective to gain new followers. However, the full story is a bit more nuanced.

Instagram is enforcing a trailing 30 day activity limit and it’s the primary cause of the follow blocks. The reason that so many accounts are hitting the follow blocks is that a high volume of activity prior to May 30th appears to count towards these new limits. Everyone who was blasting follows prior to the changes are still well above the new limits and, since it’s a trailing 30 day limit, it takes time for the total to come below the limit.

We’ve also identified a number of other factors that influence when Instagram begins blocking. The rumored 6k follows per month limit is not quite right, but it’s a good rule of thumb. The limit is higher or lower depending on those other factors.

We’ve made changes to Gold Nitro to take into account all the factors including the trailing limit. We expect that once the blocked accounts become unblocked we’ll be able to stay unblocked. For new accounts, we’ll be able to avoid the blocks. We’ve also made additional improvements to ensure high follower growth despite the lower activity volume.

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