Gold Nitro Shield for Desktop (Mac OS X)

Gold Nitro Shield, our solution to protect your account from Instagram’s activity blocks and password resets, is now available for Mac OS X. (Windows is coming soon!) You can now run Gold Nitro from your laptop or desktop, iPhone, or Android phone.


Gold Nitro Shield runs on your device and makes sure that Gold Nitro works as safely as possible. It works by running automation on the same device and network that you use Instagram on. This means that you can worry less about account blocks and focus more on your content.

Gold Nitro Shield will help you:

  • Prevent account lock-outs
  • Avoid activity blocks
  • Grow your account safely

To join the Gold Nitro Shield beta, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Gold Nitro dashboard.
  2. Visit our download page to get Gold Nitro for your device or computer.
  3. Install the “Gold Nitro” app.
  4. Open the Gold Nitro app and relink your Instagram account.
  5. Gold Nitro Desktop runs in the background and you’ll need to leave your computer on for it to work.

More news soon, thanks for being patient with Gold Nitro.