Targeting success

In this post, we’ll take a look at targeting, that is, the hashtags, locations, and accounts that you’ve set up to tell Gold Nitro where to look for posts to interact with.

We’ve improved the targeting report to show the success rate of each target (hashtag, etc.). This percentage represents actions (likes, follows) that led to new followers, divided by the total number of actions taken.

While this percentage will always be low, it can help you identify which hashtags underperform relative to others. You can remove underperforming hashtags every couple of weeks and add new ones, to improve Gold Nitro’s effectiveness in growing your account.

New features in Gold Nitro

We’ve been hard at work adding new features to Gold Nitro based on your requests! These include:

Hashtag performance report: see which targeting hashtags gain you the most and least followers. Double down on the good hashtags by adding related hashtags. Drop the hashtags that don’t gain followers.

Multiple account support: manage all your Instagram accounts in with one Gold Nitro dashboard login.

Location targeting: interact with content from Instagrammers in particular cities, countries, or places.

Account targeting: interact with people who are liking posts of specific usernames, such as your competitors.

Inappropriate content filters: avoid liking or following users who post sexually explicit or other offensive material. This filter is on for everyone by default.

Improved Billing and Account management in the Gold Nitro dashboard.

That’s all for this update. Let us know what you’d like to see!

-Michael Goldsmith on behalf of the Gold Nitro team.